Beta Marine 38 Engine Service Pack 2

Our Beta 38 Engine Service Pack 2 comprises only genuine Betamarine Filters, and contains all the consumable items you'll need to carry out a professional standard service.

This pack comprises the consumables for self service as specified in the Betamarine Operators Self Service Manual (Beta 14 – Beta 115T K/C). You can view the manual by clicking HERE.

Please ensure your engine requires the following filters as specified in the above manual.

1 x 211-02817    (Fuel Filter)
1 x 211-60390    (Oil Filter)
1 x 211-08132    (Air Filter)

MP Lite-D is a high grade multi-grade oil suitable for use in small capacity non-turbo diesel engines. MP Lite D multi-grade diesel engine oil is equally applicable to engines where the manufacturer recommends a 10w30, 10w40 or a 15w40 API CC engine oil.

Genuine Beta Marine Fuel Filter 211-02817

Genuine Beta Marine air filter.

Please refer to your operation and maintenance manual to ensure you select the correct air filter for your Beta Marine engine series.

Also directly compatible for use as a replacement for Canaline EP110529 air filter.

Designed to absorb oil, cutting out most other types of fluid, they help clean and maintain work areas from dripping and leaking equipment around floors, work benches, drums & walk-ways. Excellent to use during onboard engine repair works.

Dimensions: 50 x 40.5cm (approximately)

Absorbs: 1lt approx.

Engine oils can form acids as a result of the combustion process and oxidation. Even after draining the engine oil and changing the filter residual acid contamination can remain in the crankcase in sludge form which in turn can corrupt the protection properties of your new oil.
Adding Silverhook Engine Flush to your used oil before draining helps neutralise acid, dissolves varnish and removes sludge that ordinary draining would leave behind whilst providing friction-proofing during treatment.

Cleans sticky valves, lifters & piston rings.

Removes harmful deposits & neutralises acid residue.

Improves oil circulation.

Cleans engine in 5 minutes.

For Diesel & Petrol Engines.