• Solar Panel 410w Premium Monocrystaline MBB Percium 144 Cell Panel

A high power premium monocrystaline 410 watt output, PERC, small footprint solar panel for its output.

With a very impressive 20.4% efficiency all in a solar panel with a footprint only measuring L2015mm x W996mm x H40mm. This small footprint makes these high output panels ideal for boats, motorhomes, campers and caravans.

Maximise lower winter solar collecting potential with this panel, when combined with a good quality MPPT controller these panels will provide more than enough power.


High output power
Less shading effect
Lower temperature coefficient
Better mechanical loading tolerance

MBB (Multi-busbar):

MBB means that a solar cell is equipped with 12 or 16 busbars instead of 4, 5 or 6. This means the modules provide a higher power output and a higher reliability:
2% – 2.5% power increase (in % range because cell eff. and types are different)
Shorter 'transportation path' for current
High reflectance wire design with less shading
Mechanical load performance increased
Risk of micro crack decreased

What is “Percium” technology?

Percium cells employ a development to the rear of the solar cell that improves the capture of solar energy. A “passivated rear” and “local BSF” (Back Surface Field) layer reflects light that has travelled through the cell and reached the rear without generating electrons. The reflected light then travels back through the cell


Photovoltaic (PV) panels made from monocrystalline solar cells are able to convert the highest amount of solar energy into electricity of any type of flat solar panel. Consequently, if your goal is to produce the most electricity from a specific area (e.g., on a roof) this type of panel should certainly be at the top of your list.
Consequently, Monocrystalline panels are a great choice for urban settings or where space is limited, such as boats, campers and caravans.

Greater Heat Resistance:

Like other types of solar panels, monocrystalline solar modules suffer a reduction in output once the temperature from the sunlight reaches around fifty degrees Celsius/a hundred and fifteen degrees Fahrenheit.  Reductions of between twelve and fifteen percent can be expected.  This loss of efficiency is lower than what is typically experienced by owners of PV panels made from polycrystalline cells.

To view the technical datasheet click HERE.

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Solar Panel 410w Premium Monocrystaline MBB Percium 144 Cell Panel

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