Sterling Pro Charge Ultra Battery Charger - The latest in battery chargers with plenty of well thought out useful features. The unit has clear digital displays on the front which show information about the voltage and current supplies . Easy to install & wire up beause of its simple output screw terminals.

Product information:

    (12 v 60 amp model, all other units pro rata)
    Input voltage range 90-270 v 40-70 hz
    Power Factor at 230 v 0.976
    Efficiency 89.4%
    Full load current (110/230v) 9.8/4.6
    Ripple noise (R.M.S.) 14mv
    Ground leakage 0.5 ma
    Generator/ mains power required to run unit (watts)
    12 v 20 amp approx 300 watts
    12 v 30 amp approx 450 watts
    12 v 40 amp approx 600 watts
    12 v 50 amp approx 750 watts
    12 v 60 amp approx 900 watts
    24 v 20 amp approx 600 watts
    24 v 30 amp approx 900 watts
    volt metre accuracy +/- 1%
    amp metre accuracy +/- 1%

Every so often it becomes necessary in a competitive market to simply raise the bar so high its leaves everyone in your wake, we do this regularly on other products but this year Sterling Power re-visited their standard battery charger range to make a product so far beyond their competitors for performance, style and value that they simply left them behind, with this new charger they like to think they have done just that.

With years of experience in this market Sterling Power thought of everything they could possibly think of and combined it all into this product range, resulting in the battery charger. Extra new features on this product above and beyond that of standard features include:

    11 pre programmed battery curves including Lifep04.
    1 custom set, can be set from charger, no need for computer.
    2 x digital meters for current and voltage measurement.
    1 x power meter to show what reserve power left on the unit.
    PFC, active, up to 0.99 pf, ensuring efficient power conversion, up to almost 90% as opposed to about 50% for older non PFC technology. Combined with (below)
    6)New synchronised rectification output as opposed to diode output, giving up to a extra10% efficiency
    High voltage de-sulphation cycle.
    New, low activity, standby mode to increase battery life.
    Battery health program.
    Multiple speed fan control to reduce unnecessary fan noise experienced by the customer, even though the new extreme efficiency reduces the need for fans, at high ambient temperatures (40-50 deg c) fans would still be required to ensure operation.
    Primary (processor digitally controlled) and an emergency backup secondary (analogue controlled) high voltage trip.
    32 L.E.D. information panel
    Internal scan and systems check
    Remote control option
    Small footprint and light weight
    Include battery temperature sensor
    As with all Sterling Power marine chargers all metals used are non ferrous

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Sterling Procharge-Ultra Battery Charger 12v 20 Amp

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